Sunday, January 12, 2014

The United States of America is up against political corruption and if these cockroaches are not exterminated, we will cease to exist as a nation.

     Unfortunately, corruption has become the mainstay of politics in the United States of America.  Both political parties, Democrat and Republican have discarded their masks of deception, and are openly spitting in faces of those who they took and oath to represent.

     For example, these people have a literal rap-sheet as long as most citizens in this country have accumulated debt.

They keep getting a pass.

     Rising from country bumpkin status, their personal wealth has been, for the most part, generated off the backs and lives of faithful, but naive followers. Who can  honestly believe Bill and Hillary Clinton could have been elected to even the lowest municipal position if they were presented as who they really were.  Academically their credentials are noteworthy, but hardly extraordinary when compared to millions of comparable peers of their era.

     Without marketing by a slick political machine, Hillary Rodham still could be nestled in Hope, Arkansas, debating on which pair of stylish go-go boots to wear to the local square dance.

      Eventually, our laws will catch up with them, but not before Americans once again regain control of this shredded and fragmented nation.  The politicians have done a wonderful job of destroying one of the most beautiful countries on the face of this earth.  If anything, they should be admired (sic) for elevating themselves and their cronies to a mafia-like prominence.

     Paraphrasing Nancy Pelosi, another Washington anthropological dingbat--when becoming speaker of the house she daftly proclaimed, "it is time to drain the swamp.", the American people didn't have a clue it was actually Pelosi, and her kind, which was the muck blocking that drain.

      People like the Clintons, Obamas, Pelosi and similar parasites who believe their scam will continue to go unnoticed would be wise to learn from the destination of  their deceitful predecessors. Call it whatever you want, perhaps karma, but your lies and corruption will catch up to you, eventually you will get caught.  The American people are not simpletons, wearing bib overalls and flannel nighties you probably describe when rubbing shoulders with your wine and croissant crowd.

     I came upon these words at a site (Zambia Daily Nation), and they seemed so appropriate when applied to our own disturbing national problems existing in Washington, DC.  Some excerpts are paraphrased below.

        "In order to rid this country of corruption, the example must start from the top.

     Those in power must show a commitment to ridding high level graft otherwise it is pointless and meaningless to hound small people, hauling them before courts of law, when there is a pervasive culture by the police, Drug Enforcement Agency,  Environmental Protection Agency,  Department of Education which only exists to promote political indoctrination to our children, and a host of other very clear institutions which practice and promote corruption. 
Cleaning house must begin at the top

     Our law enforcement institutions must rise above partisan political interests to serve the greater good of society by clamping down on all forms of corruption."

      "The current state of the news media is partially to blame for the public's general lack of information vital for responsible citizenship in a democracy. The news media has become an aspect of show business, offering merely infotainment. It has evolved into an entity that tends to function as a public relations agency for wealthy and powerful multinational corporations, members of Congress, the current Presidential Administration including the administrations that preceded it. The news media is being utilized as a political tool of suppression and propaganda by those in power, and propaganda is psychological in nature. Full of half-truths and utter misinformation, its an arrogant and very commercial strategy that is implemented because it appeals to emotions, fear being the main one relentless talk of national security, personal and community safety, can trigger childhood insecurities and indoctrinated views of authority."--Teresa Stover

     The outcome of these upcoming elections in 2014 must be our first step to cutting off life-blood to the culture of corruption in our national government.  Voting for non-partisan candidates is imperative.  We cannot survive without our checks and balances in place, therefore a majority must be maintained by the opposition party in the House of Representatives, and the slate must be wiped clean in the U-S Senate, making way for voices of cooperation in order to hopefully begin the tremendous task of putting this nation back on the road to being the great country our founders struggled so tirelessly to create.


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