Saturday, January 11, 2014

Where is the outrage when massive traffic jams are created by this traveling sideshow?


      If you've ever had the misfortune to be anywhere in the vicinity when this monstrosity hits the ground, consider your life a living hell until the royalty passengers have had their way with local citizenry.

     Officials claim any inconveniences inflicted on the little people, is far outweighed by security measures necessitated for the bird's sometimes unusual passengers.
 This is what happens when 

arrives in town.

    "For about 45 minutes Thursday night, there was no traffic on the southbound lanes of the Downtown Connector. The only vehicles moving? Those traveling with Vice President Joe Biden."
     And think about this scary fact (in so many ways), this guy is the second fiddle!                      

     So imagine the disruption of lives when the top dog arrives in your town anytime he gets the urge to show off his new clothes.

 SEATTLE -- If you're planning on being in Downtown Seattle Sunday evening or Monday morning, beware of some impending street closures and other impacts from President Obama's visit.  Some freeways and streets will be temporarily closed for Obama's motorcade Sunday evening and again Monday morning for his return to the airport.
Okay, so this isn't an Obama inflicted traffic jam, but it could look like this

Yeah, he did it too.

This from the Baltimore Sun:
Obama motorcade havoc not necessary
June 15, 2012
     "On Tuesday, June 12, I sat on I-795 for 45 minutes with my engine turned off. The delay was not traffic related. It was not weather related. It was, however, to provide President Barack Obama an open, secure road for his motorcade to travel unimpeded from Greenspring Valley to the Inner Harbor. His trip was not to conduct the business of the people but rather to raise money to keep his job. This delay gave me much time to think about the Kabuki theater of security as perpetuated by the federal government; from the theater of the absurd as performed by the Transportation Security Administration (already much documented)"


     The average working (if he's lucky) stiff does not gives a rats ass about these guys,  and what they're doing (or mostly not doing) on any given day.  Most of the time their main concerns are selfishly focused on where their next dime will come from to cover the cost of bills run up by people like these snake oil salesmen.

nothing you can do about it."

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