Monday, March 3, 2014

A look back at this year's 'celebrity-look-at-us-we're-better-than-anyone-else' Awards?

'The Oscars, The Emmy,  The Tony,' The (fill in the appropriate narcissistic title).....
A bunch of insecure conceited individuals who gather on a regular basis to reassure one another, that they indeed are better than those who gather with them to recognize those who are a bit less inferior and offensive to a majority of their fellow humans.
     "The word conceited is defined as, having an excessively favorable opinion of one's abilities, appearance, and the synonyms include : vain, proud, egotistical, self-important, self-satisfied. Being described with the preceding synonyms would offend most people.
 Most people do not want to labeled as vain, (although a little vanity is not bad in my opinion) egotistical, and self-important, nor do they ordinarily want to be around such people, mainly, being around a conceited person means there will not be a mutual exchange (of) ideas."       

     "The sense of self-importance of conceited people impedes mutuality, as they believe, the presence of others is the opportunity for them to talk about what is happening in their life, to talk about their ideas. Conceited people have a tendency of treating others as receptacles in their braggadocios episodes, as they place very little importance on what the other person has to say." *


The words
are synonymous

People's Choice Awards -- Golden Globe Awards -- Critics' Choice Movie Awards -- Screen Actors Guild Awards -- Grammy Awards -- British Academy Film Awards -- Film Independent Spirit Awards -- Golden Raspberry Awards -- Academy Awards -- Producers Guild of America Awards -- Directors Guile of America Awards -- Writers Guild of America Awards -- Art Directors Guild Awards -- ACE Eddie Awards -- Costume Designers Guild Awards
  (where do these people find time to turn out all this visual gibberish)


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