Saturday, March 22, 2014

Afforadable Care Act....Obamacare....Someone please tell Pelosi, 'A rose by any other name, is still....a piece of CRAP!'

When this Progressive inspired
pile of dung takes on the appearance of
being the best thing since 
alien death rays.....
brain-dead ideologues such as

insist on labeling universal health care as

Lonely Conservative

     Democrats have been attempting to force this unworkable Socialist piece of rubbish on innocent and naive American 'Sheeple' since the early 1900s.  

     "In 1906, the American Association of Labor Legislation (AALL) finally led the campaign for health insurance. They were a typical progressive group whose mandate was not to abolish capitalism but rather to reform it. In 1912, they created a committee on social welfare which held its first national conference in 1913. Despite its broad mandate, the committee decided to concentrate on health insurance, drafting a model bill in 1915." *

     Other numerous attempts were made to force this already rotten Socialist pablum down throats of Americans ever since that era, however it was not until all planets aligned in 2008 when the Commie Progressive Liberal's of the Democrat movement got their first real opportunity in decades to actually see their nightmare come true, and foisted on guileless innocents who supported them. 

     For the first time in nearly one hundred years, these perseverant subversives visualized a perfect storm happening,
with the election of America's first African American President.  (well, half was better than nothing to the Progressives).

     No sooner had Obama's mother-in-law settled in for a nice hot bubble bath at the Executive mansion, when the wheels were put in motion (along with government Legislative branch control) to finally get this albatross transformed into law of the land  (With the help of those ever present corrupt tools available to deceitful Progressive Democrats).  No one could possibly have envisioned a Republican Justice being that accomplice. .
Chief Justice John Roberts

       And now, after a hundred years of wheeling and dealing, the Progressives finally have a repulsive open wound, popularly known as Obamacare,  in the likeness of their brain-child, however many of those seeking reelection in the party of 'NO YOU CAN'T,' are finding it difficult to run away from this, now unclaimed, monkey on their back.

     So call it what you will, Nancy--Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, mutilated medicaid, American Association of Labor Legislation (band-aids for the broke), Red Scare compulsory health insurance, Committee on the Cost of Medical Care, FDR's National Health Act of 1939, 1930's and 40's medical care section of the American Public Health Association, 1943's the very famous Wagner-Murray- Dingell Bill, Truman's idea of a single universal comprehensive health insurance plan, and who could ever forget Bill Clinton's wife Hillary and her attempt to ram through what is today's OBAMACARE.

     There Nancy, we said it OBAMACARE, OBAMACARE, OBAMACARE.  As you can plainly see, we are capable of repeating OBAMACARE as repetitiously as you attempt to pull the wool over American's eyes by repeating over and over again AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE ACT. .
     In another time, this Socialist scam would have been labeled PELOSI-CARE, because it was you're baby, Nancy.

     Barack Obama was about as instrumental in creating this festering cancerous wound, as many believe you had in working to claim the title of U-S Congressman.  The office of Congressman, you so conceitedly refuse to relinquish, was there for the taking, almost identical to the Progressive's Socialist Heath Care scam, waiting patiently for a Messiah-like puppet's Immaculate Conception. 

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