Friday, June 13, 2014

"John Boehner -- doesn't he look like every guy you've ever seen at a hotel bar?" -- David Letterman

This was probably John Boeher's reaction upon hearing
news of Eric Cantor's defeat in Virginia.


     According to Business Insider, "House Majority Leader Eric Cantor suffered one of the most stunning political upsets in history Tuesday night, at the hands of an unknown, underfunded challenger who called his win a "miracle."

"Cantor and his staff both lost the trust of conservatives and constituents. They broke promises, made bad deals, and left many feeling very, very betrayed." -- Fox News

     Let this also be a lesson to those young aspiring political-minded individuals who have arrived at the conclusion that any chance of winning in today's national arena requires big bucks, and influential backing.  As we see this election's outcome, the Tea Party movement was quick to celebrate David Brat's unbelievable victory, but this defeat of a popular in the beltway Goliath, David was the only one who approached this election with a sling shot in his back pocket.

     Campaign spending alone proves conclusively, that even in today's world, it is possible to step up to the plate and hit a home run. Or in this analogy, a political giant in the head with a stone's strategic blow.

  Incidentally, David was outspent by Goliath (Cantor) 
$5 million to Brat's $122,000.*

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