Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sponge Bob Scaredy Pants in training for upcoming meeting with Putin


Obama working out in Polish hotel gym

     According to website,  "Barack Obama was at the center of a security breach today after it emerged pictures of him pumping iron in a private gym had been leaked.

     U.S. security experts are trying to find out how the unauthorized snaps of the President working out on his trip to Poland were secretly taken."  Full account can be viewed here:

     Everything about this man is calculated, pre-measured and usually over-baked, so why are we suppose to believe these pictures were some dastardly security breach, when in fact, the event was staged, for no other reason than to give the 'supreme commander' a tough-guy appearance before heading off to meet with 'the Vlad!'

     Not as though, by some mystical miracle,  pumping marsh mellows will have any immediate effect.


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