Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hillary's Coughing and the Debates -- American Thinker

From The American Thinker, by Bruce Walker

      Hillary's flacks maintain that she has no serious health problems, but there is an increasingly public amount of evidence that they are lying.  Her coughing fits, for example, have gone on for minutes during interviews and speeches and debates.  The leftist establishment media has totally ignored this running story, but there is one venue in which her uncontrollable coughing and hacking cannot be hidden from the American people: the presidential debates. 


       Because her health seems to getting worse all the time and because she has never appeared in a nationally televised presidential debate (indeed, even her few debates with Bernie Sanders were scheduled to avoid large audiences) the stress of standing before 100 million or so Americans watching her live should make the chances of her descending into minutes of coughing, gagging, and hacking while the world watches very real.

     What happens then? 

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