Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Is Hillary communicating with Eleanor Roosevelt's spirit again?


      Many millennials, children approaching voting age, recently arriving illegal aliens, free-stuff grabbers, and newly indoctrinated low level commissars of the Democrat cult and their legions of herd mentality ballot box stuffers probably have no idea who this Eleanor Roosevelt person might be, and surely oblivious to FDR's identity.
(FDR-Former President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt, and his wife Eleanor)

     During her days as First Lady, Hillary Clinton was reported to have  imaginary conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt.  Questioned about the substance of her chats with 'Ellie,' and what advice she might have for the smartest woman to walk this planet, Mrs. Clinton said "She usually responds by telling me to buck up, or at least to grow skin as thick as a rhinoceros."  This would probably account for Hillary and her husband grabbing millions upon millions of other people's bucks.

     Fascinated by this unusual talent Mrs. Clinton utilized to keep her ahead of other mere mortals, we also attempted to tap into this heavenly web of information, and did indeed bump into Mrs. FDR. Asked about any advice she might have for the current Democrat Presidential candidate, Mrs. Roosevelt suggested Hillary might consider buying a mobility scooter before she takes a career ending fall. Ellie added,  "Hauling an ass that size up a flight of stairs can't be an easy task, even for someone half her age, or any bimbo currently servicing her husband Bubba."


'This photo comes from a campaign stop in South Carolina on February 24th. The original caption that went along the photo reads:Democratic Presidential candidate, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visits the non-profit SC Strong, a 2 year residential facility that helps former felons, substance abusers, and homeless move into self-sufficiency February 24, 2016 in North Charleston.'

      So if we are to believe what we see in this February 24th picture of Hillary requiring a squadron of physical assistance to get up a few steps.  How does that account for nimble Hillary just a few days earlier doing her best impersonation of Richard Simmons on the Ellen TV show?

                                                                   youtube: TheEllenShow

     If we had a media which did its job, and honestly reported THE News, and shared with American people only a fraction of images showing the real Mrs. Clinton, and to what degree her health has deteriorated, perhaps we could end this game her handlers have been playing, attempting to depict Hillary as someone, she obviously is not.

     Example:  Watch this recent near mental blackout.  Following her comment ".....and get the costs out of"  Her eyes then roll and she nearly passes out.  (The owner of this video has 'looped' the incident to emphasis her near pass-out).

Just another  'Hillary Short-Circuit,' or a sign of something much more serious..... a vast LEFT-WING conspiracy by the Democrat machine and their willing partners in the media?

Do not expect truthful information surrounding Hillary Clinton's apparent serious health issues from American media sources.  When truth actually reaches the surface...and it will...a nail finally should be hammered into a huge coffin containing what remains of those 'bitter clingers' of information cover-up.

UPDATE:  After publishing this blog entry, we came across a few websites, obviously determined to get, what (could be) vital information released to the American people, before they make the critical mistake of placing this (what appears to be) very ill person elected to the most powerful position, not only in this country, but perhaps the world.  

     Many self-identified, yet recognized, journalists strategically placed in powerful media organizations scoff at information featured by on-line news gathering websites.  However, having worked on both sides of the fence, we are well aware of restrictions placed on those reporters employed by traditional print, and broadcast dominant rulers.  

     The mega-bucks world of those rulers is rapidly vanishing, and being replaced by an army of people-print-websites.  And for that reason alone, the information they provide must be discredited by big media.  

     We are very cautious at this website, and normally research any, and all information before presenting it to our readers.  With that in mind, we remind those readers to review the following websites with an open mind.  You can determine for yourself what information contained in these reports might be factual, and what some might label as overly zealous reporting.

Please read: http://www.dangerandplay.com/2016/08/07/who-is-hillarys-handler-doctor-stroke-seizure/ 

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