Monday, August 15, 2016

Scranton's political sensation of the 21st century. Must have been tens of thousands welcoming these local celebrities, right?

     A campaign gathering of about 3000 spectators at Scranton's Riverfront Sports complex. 

     3,000?  3,000 spectators participating in Scranton's historical moment in time, when the current Vice President of the United States (who claims he lived there until age 10) came to town.  And then there is Hillary RODHAM Clinton.  Former first lady, wife of the 42nd President of the United States of America.  Hillary RODHAM Clinton.  Former United States Senator from the State of New York.  Hillary RODHAM Clinton former Secretary of State, under President Barack Hussein Obama.  And now Hillary RODHAM Clinton, Democratic Candidate for President of the United States. Her paternal grandparents and father...residents of Scranton. And where are these two political rock stars with Northeastern Pennsylvania roots featured for their adoring fans?

     A sports center, before a paltry gathering of 3,000 spectators (many who were simply there for 'the moment,' to actually see a real live Vice President, and a bigger than life, real live Democratic Presidential Candidate).

     One would only surmise, two of the most important people in America would require nothing less than the nearby County Stadium.  But then, 3,000 spectators would probably only fill the lower deck seats on the first base side, by the hot dog stand.

     You may remember a few months earlier when Hillary appeared at a local high school gymnasium.

  'Packed house' in a high school gym looks impressive, 

     but what about her rival, Republican Donald Trump who just a few days later,  packed the nearby Mohegan Sun Arena with 10,000 screaming supporters, and another 6,000 forced to remain outside because they could not be accommodated.

     One final observation about Hillary RODHAM Clinton's visit to Scranton, Pennsylvania.  RODHAM was quick to remind the gathering of 3,000 spectators, that her economic policies would bring back such as those filled by her grand father and father, working at the once prosperous Scranton Lace Company.

     Here's the irony about the bustling Scranton Lace Company business, which provided pay checks for grandpa RODHAM and later, Hillary's very own daddy.

     Many believe it was Hillary's husband President Bill Clinton's free trade agreement which helped bring about the ruination of Scranton Lace.  

      How?  Well, as a result of Bill Clinton's free trade agreement, Scranton Lace's biggest customer ended their business relationship with the Scranton company, and resorted to buying cheaper lace in China.  Damn that Capitalistic bastard of a corporate giant WALMART.  

      The ultimate irony of this sad story for Scranton Lace Company, and hundreds of other job providers throughout America; sources say, “The downfall began in the early 90s when Hillary RODHAM Clinton sat on the board of WALMART." *


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