Friday, October 21, 2016

"Hillary is a sick, twisted wack-job." -- But, fear not, she has a faithful Indian companion. AND a 'Hollywood Hummer' too.

     We concluded our previous offering with the above mentioned candid observation.   Our sounding off was triggered after reading this 'locker room' rant from a supposed reputable and honorable United States Senator.

      The Senator, Elizabeth Warren, representing the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, labeled Trump a "two-bit con man, the ultimate racist bully,  a “selfish little sleaze ball,” a “pathetic cheapskate,” and a “small, insecure money grubber.”    We countered 'Lizzy's' words of admiration for Trump by expressing our opinion of her party's nominee, Hillary Clinton.
      "Hillary is a sick, twisted wack-job."

    But these aren't the only flattering words Lizzy has for Mister Trump.


      Elizabeth Warren has been described as 'a Hillary Clinton, but with brains.'  Possessing 'brains,' however does not always drag along it's sometimes fraternal twin sibling.....CLASS.

     Oh, but wait...but wait, you protest.  Elizabeth is an intellectual.  Glancing at her resume, we are supposed to be impressed by her peripatetic travels throughout the academic community.  And then she apparently decided it was time to make some money.  But Betty didn't begin banking big bucks until realizing she would become wealthy beyond her wildest dreams if morphing into a politician.  And that is when her bank account began to grow.  'Betty's' net worth is now reported to be around 8 Million dollars, but if our 'little muffin-girl' has learned anything since arriving in Washington, her hidden bankroll is probably millions beyond this reported estimate.  And likened to every hypocrite Liberal Millionaire politician, Warren talks her game to the little people....reminding them how she and her fellow Democrats will destroy those greedy billionaires.  (But if you noticed, Lizzy's contempt is now reserved for BILLIONAIRES only.....Millionaires not included, now that she also is a member of that elitist community of money mongers).

      For those of you who have not been paying attention, 'Lizzy' actually fantasized about becoming the Democrat Cult's next idol.  Her best shot at stepping in to replace feeble Hillary,   almost (in her mind) became reality at the most recent 9-11 memorial ceremony in New York City, when Granny Hillary froze up like a Macy's window mannequin, and was tossed into her transport van like a sack of rotting potatoes.  Sorry sweet heart, because as most observant Americans now believe, that stiffened old caricature of the Hilldibeast  more than likely was a highly paid actress, who if the Clinton's had anything to do with arranging the gig, might already be resting at the bottom of some murky pond, behind the Clinton's look alike 'Amityville' horror house in Chappaqua.

     The only remaining words we might have to offer regarding this elitist snob from Massachusetts.....You travel around this country condemning Donald Trump, and spearheading drives to distract the American people by supplying daily scripting for your buddies in the media, talking about Trump's disgusting gutter locker room talk.  If you are really dedicated to this fraud Hillary being foisted upon our country, the least you could do is step up to the plate and join one of YOUR sleazy Liberal sisters by offering, at least the boys on the bench a little incentive....for their vote, of course.

     For those of you having difficulty hearing/understanding Madonna's proposition, here is a transcript of her words:

“If you vote for Hillary Clinton, I will give you a blow job, okay?. I swear to God – and I’m good. I’m good.
“I’m not a douche and I’m not a tool, I take my time, I have a lot of eye contact, and I do swallow.”

     And so, Senator 'Sleaze,' help us Deplorables understand.....What part of Trump referring to SOME Women as "Pigs," did he get wrong?  Check with your friend Madonna, and get back to us.

Then, and only then, following the much anticipated Presidential election on November 8th, perhaps we can all return to those thrilling days of yesteryear, and trollops such as Madonna AND the less-than-honorable- SENATOR Elizabeth Warren, can crawl back into their world of ill-gotten wealth and sexual fantasy.

“Come on, Silver! Let’s go, big fellow! 
Hi-yo Silver! Away!”

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