Sunday, October 23, 2016

Imagine the horror of cleaning up the Clinton's CRAP all over again.

A fair and reasonable question for
Hillary's minions.....
(Cheryl Mills,  Robby Mook, Huma Abedin, Brian Pagliano...only naming a few...there are many more just like you who we ask)

Will you ever get tired 
of cleaning up after the Clintons?
And if it really comes down to saving their own shriveling skin, do you honestly believe they will sacrifice their lives, and wealth for the likes of you, and more importantly...your loved ones?  Because, in their minds, little people such as you, only exist to serve them.  Ask Monica, Wade, Jim Guy Tucker, the McDougals, Ron Brown, the list is endless.

Last time it was a simple task of getting rid of incriminating documents, when another of their useful minions, Vince Foster allegedly (and conveniently) wasted himself as a final loyalty gesture to save their worthless skin, but this time it is much more complicated to scoop up a damning paper trail.   

     Electronic mail can be very elusive, and you never know WHO is holding on to the only one which really matters;  The ONE which will finally bring down the curtain on these two unethical, and self-absorbed misfits.

     There is no such concept of 'running out the clock,' and making your way to an election day victory. Even if the devil makes good on his deal with Hillary, and they find their way back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, do they honestly believe this will stop those who will crawl through broken glass to finally see them face 'man's judgement?

     They will be dogged every day with the same nagging questions.  Questions from those who believe there is still an ounce of hope remaining to save this great nation from the cancer which has been eating away at it's foundation.  An insatiable appetite for power coming from the very first Liberal who, undoubtedly by accident, was allowed to take it's first  breathe of air.

  `Even Satan must have a conscience
 when dealing with these two loathsome losers`

      There are many of us who believe that maybe even Lucifer has that ONE day, when he says to himself...."I simply can not allow this plague on mankind to happen...ENOUGH," and dissolves his pact with Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton.  We will all know for sure on the morning of November 9th.

     Whatever the outcome of this election might be, you might want to keep this one important thought in mind.  God, surely will have the last laugh in the Clinton debacle.  

     Humankind was forced to endure mental and physical anguish for a very short lifetime.  

 Lucifer will have to deal with Hillary and Bill for eternity.

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