Thursday, November 24, 2016

"Let’s not pardon the old bird, but, let’s give her a stay of execution."

Here's the deal Sweetheart.....
"You stay away from us, 
                 we will stay away from you." 

     This is what we consider a reasonable proposition, offered up by Judah Friedman, writing at the American Spectator.  Friedman continues,  

"Imagine there’s no presidency, no deplorables too…

      Over the past few days I have asked a few friends what they think life is like for Hillary Clinton right now. Of course this is a hypothetical question, since they don’t know, but it is sort of an interesting idea to let your mind wander and wonder what life is like inside Casa Clinton; not just inside the actual house, but inside her actual head. Caution: we are entering an unsafe and scary space.
           Let’s start with the outside of the house. I’m sure it’s heavily guarded with Secret Service and private security. I see her home being heavily fenced in with a guard tower, with active patrols going on hourly. There are cameras on every wall and tree. No one is allowed in, including Bill, unless they have been pre-approved days in advance. This means Bill is never allowed in. I’m not sure why I have imagined a laundry truck on the premises, but I do. I see a cook smoking a cigarette, while sitting on a concrete stoop. It’s all so quiet, unbearably quiet; it’s isolation at its worst and we haven’t even gone inside her house or her head.     Inside I see pictures turned over, and mirrors covered up. I hear no sounds as the televisions have been unplugged. I see a picture of Bill over the fire place with knives piercing through. I see a doctor and a nurse looking over charts, and a chef and his cook preparing a meal for one. The clock never moves because time stands still. Yes, maybe I’ve watched too many Twilight Zone episodes but this is what I see. Of course, the furniture is stunning; although, I’m not sure why, I imagine the couches all covered in that uncomfortable plastic. If one didn’t know better, this house could be mistaken for a mortuary or a high end prison.
     Remainder of the story picks up here:  

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