Thursday, November 17, 2016

Who would 'do the time'....Hillary or her body double?

Jesse Jackson wants Obama to grant
Hillary (I didn't do anything wrong) Clinton
a Presidential pardon. (?)

     Lets be honest, even if all the planets aligned and Hillary Clinton was indicted, tried and found guilty, we would have to conclude, "What difference does it make?"  Hillary would never serve a day behind bars.

      Whoever her stand-in body double is, pictured below center, would in all probability be handsomely rewarded for physically doing the time (For a few months and released early for good behavior) and then fatty walks free.                                                                                                                   
     According to an article at
     Civil rights activist Jesse Jackson has urged Barack Obama to pardon Hillary Clinton to help heal the country. 

     Mr Jackson made the plea as he joined thousands of students in an anti-racism rally at the University of Michigan on Wednesday.

     He told a crowd: 'In this election, voters voted for fear. I think hope will defeat hate, but it's a battle.'

  ~~Mr Jackson said: 'It would be a monumental moral mistake to pursue the indictment of Hillary Clinton.~~

     Read full story here: 


Why isn't it a travesty when 
'Everyday-Joe' goes to jail, Jesse?

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