Sunday, July 9, 2017

Colorado is seeing hundreds of people un-register to vote

        Some observers believe this might be "an unintended consequence of the request by President Donald Trump's Commission on Election Integrity asking states to submit details about voters."

     No information identifying those making these requests is being made public, however it is a pretty good bet that most, if not all have some affiliation with the 'donkey cult,' and others even giving a thumbs down from plots located at area cemeteries.

     What reason could anyone have to refuse release of personal information which is already accessible to anyone through online sources, or through public records.

     It wasn't too far in the distant past when we were sarcastically taunted by a revered 'donkey leader'.......


     Gee....could it be possible that these 'hundreds of people un-registering to vote,' perhaps should not have been registered in the first place?

     Otherwise, we could probably assume, many of the current parasites in Washington never would have been 'voted into office.'

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