Friday, July 7, 2017

Remember when 'SpongeBrock Scaredy Pants' came to Poland?

     Despite the Lefty mainstream media's best efforts to paint a picture of Presidential triteness surrounding Donald Trump's meet up with other G-20 leaders, the US Commander in Chief has presented himself to crowds in Poland (his first stop) as a polite, kind and gracious World leader.  

     Thousands of Polish citizens gathered to hear the US President speak in Warsaw's Krasinski Square. A monument at this site commemorates a World War II show of defiance against Germany's military occupation.

     Mister Trump praised Poland's history of fighting for survival, including against Nazi rule during the 2nd World War.  "If we do not have strong values we will be weak and we will not survive. The fundamental question is whether the West has the will to survive.  President Trump then said Poland is a "symbol of freedom."

     If America's kook branch of the rightly labelled fake media were intent on sketching a buffoonery image of President Trump, his words and message to the Polish people seemed to reflect a man of commitment and courage.  Why then do you think senseless scribes would want their viewers and readers to believe otherwise? 

     A few years ago, another US President arrived in Poland, also prior to a much heralded meet up with Russia's tough guy leader Vladimir Putin.

     Despite security, probably not witnessed since the days of a Justin Bieber concert, pictures surfaced of  Barack Obama working out in his hotel gym....supposedly to portray the otherwise mom's jeans President as some sort of bruiser opponent, set to go head-to-head with a formidable 21st century gladiator.

If your life depended on giving a correct answer....
Which man actually looks Presidential?

'Spongebrock Scaredy Pants'
He's always good for a laugh...and the 
college kids simply loved him.

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