Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Will America's mainstream media (FNN and Amazon's Washington Post in particular) choose high or low road in covering THEIR own President?

     Perhaps we should rephrase this question, asking if "America's mainstream media, will follow the lead of Barack Obama, and continue their hate campaign against President Trump while on foreign soil?"

     Surely Obama has every right to be pissed, watching his successor routinely and methodically dismantle failed policy he, Obama created, not only in the United States, but on every inch of Planet Earth, during his 8 year reign of terror.   

     But CNN (FNN) and the Washington (Amazon) Post deserve every bit of criticism they are now receiving.  Getting your facts straight on their level of news reporting is an absolute prerequisite for identifying yourself as a credible news gathering organization.  Their non-stop daily bashing of President Trump eliminates any credibility they might have previously claimed.

     The incompetents now working at alleged news gathering organizations such as Cable News Network, MSNBC and The Washington Post have such a deeply rooted hatred for this President, they would rather sabotage any favorable outcome of a meeting between Presidents Trump and Vladimir Putin, than to admit they slipped into bed with not only the wrong bunch of 'cultist,' but also a total loser (Hillary Clinton) in the Presidential election.  This association in itself should have disqualified these organizations to act as watch dogs for the American public.

     So, will the mainstream media take the high road, reporting back to the American people with 'Obama era Headlines,' something like this:  


Or, continue to marginalize themselves even further in their insatiable quest to destroy President Trump with fake reporting such as this:

We are placing our money on the latter of these two options.

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