Friday, August 11, 2017

'White Privilege' history info for the Queen of Affirmative Action, and Poverty Pimp--MAXINE WATERS

Dedicated to all those who 
in the Coal Mines in
Northeastern Pennsylvania,
and beyond.

Vince G @ Youtube

Many Americans who voted for Donald J. Trump to represent them as President of these United States, are descendants of these impoverished, but proud individuals.  They put their fate in this man's hands, because unlike his opponent Hillary Clinton, he acknowledged their dedication and contributions to make this America GREAT.  Not the "deplorables" mocked and ridiculed by those who bowed and genuflected before the alter of Progressivism, spit in their faces by Hillary Clinton, and her fellow elitist; the pretenders and con-artists...the MAXINE WATERS of this nation.

So Maxine, the next time you go on one of your,  now trademark "Impeach Trump" tirades, you might want to remember the people who elected this man, Donald Trump.
These are his people, lady.... some of the

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