Friday, October 26, 2012

A very thin line separates Obama's 'cell phone lady,' and Colin Powell

     As Americans, we are blessed to possess 'inalienable rights,' guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.... personal rights to life and liberty.

     Probably one of the most treasured rights is our ability as individual citizens to cast our vote for one special person from our ranks to lead and govern the flock!  Sometimes we get it right, but as someone once said, to err is human, and when we realize our mistakes, we have an opportunity to correct earlier misjudgement.

Colin Powell
     Recent news regarding the endorsement of Barack Obama by one of our most esteemed and respected African-American champions, Colin Powell, is disappointing, to say the least.  Granted, General Powell, a self-described politically ideological proponent of the Republican Party, is entitled to lend his support to whoever he prefers, however, considering his military background, one is left scratching the proverbial head with confusion, wondering why a man with such a respected and brilliant militaristic past, would align himself with a man acting as our Commander in Chief, who has literally stumbled through 'back-line trenches' for his first term as President of the United States.  (Killing of Osama bin Laden, hardly qualifies Obama as a Purple Heart recipient, much less a revered  combative strategist).

     Therefore, confused observers like me, reluctantly are forced to draw a race card from, perhaps the middle of the deck.  Pride in one's race is a natural reaction, and very commendable, but when we as a nation are facing, what some believe is our darkest hour, why would anyone, supposedly possessing undeniable and  unparalleled intelligence and judgement, jump on a trackless Obama second term, unarmored vehicle!

     Right now, today, we are at a crucial moment in our history, and our last option should be, selecting someone from the flock, based on the color of his skin, how he carries a soulful tune, or shucks and jives when that immature expression might lend itself to cheaply buying a few lousy votes.

     By throwing his support behind Barack Hussein Obama, General Colin Powell is no more informed than this pathetic naive woman:


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