Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wonder what Nancy Pelosi's quivering voice will sound like, responding to this violence.....

OH WAIT, pathetic Pelosi will not have a comment on this disgusting display of filth littering her very own streets.  Seems as though Nancy's voice only quivers with fear when recounting those non-existent horror stories about anarchist astro-turf Tea Partiers!
Children of Liberals, or welcome to 
OBAMA's America

(Oh God.....what monsters have these fools created)!!!

See all information and horrifying video at the following website:

(keep in mind, the video is being shot by one of the demonstrators--note his horror at the police brutality)
Notice, they are ALL Children, off spring of Liberal
parents...educated in a Liberal public educational system...
tutored by Liberal Progressive College professors.
And yet, the Liberals are shocked at the disgusting violent (sic)
demonstrations from these people:
Someone PLEASE explain to me
WHY this woman:

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