Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Once again the National Organization for Women have their 'tighty-whitey's' in a bunch.


 From Britbart.com

Report: Rule Change Allows Candy Crowley To Steal Debate Spotlight

As is everything connected with this carnival-like administration...

     This mentally deficient crop of clowns ignores the obvious--four debates (3 Prez/1 Veep) 2 Women moderators, 2 men moderators.  Seems rather balanced to normal thinking observers, but not for the 'gals!'

                                                 What's their gripe?  

     Well, for starters, they are not too happy that one of their sisters was degraded by being assigned to oversee that lowly Vice Presidential Debate.  Wonder what impact this news will have on 'plugs' Biden!

     Tonight's debate is scheduled to be a 'Town Hall' format, which will feature questions to the candidates from the audience. Or as the Nags would say, unintelligent babbling irrelevancy from red-necked hicks who are stepping on the toes of our home-girl,  and therefore depriving viewers the ...insight into  real issues--you know, like asking Mitt Romney why he won't stay out of their bosom buddy's vaginas!

     Seriously, the girls are really pissed because their female representative has been reduced to  'playing nothing more than microphone holder for the audience.' Hey, try to sell that dribble to Vanna White who made a career of 'professional letter turner' on Wheel of Fortune for the past 30 years!

              The 'male pig' in me submits this question to you Nag-gals: 

     If you wanted more attention focused on one of your amigos, perhaps you might have suggested someone more like this to the Presidential Debate Commission:
Mariah Carey

Rather than this:
Candy Crowley

                                                          Just sayin!

Save yourself some time, my email trough is already full!

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