Monday, October 15, 2012

Lets make a deal--I will vote for Barack Obama, if the air-headed women in this campaign video will trade places with women living under Sharia Law

The women appearing in this campaign video supporting Barack Obama are not only 'tools' being used by a party which sold its soul to the devil in exchange for power, but even worse, they are 'fools.'
They appear in trashy political propaganda promotions such as this, making all sorts of ridiculous claims against Mitt Romney and the Republican Party.
Listening to your scripted words and then viewing pictures of your 'sisters' in the Middle East, living under laws meted out by monsters, almost makes honest freedom loving people of this country wish you never received the right to vote.
Sadly, even your 'foremothers,' lived under archaic-like laws in this country; beaten, jailed and abused at the hands of Democratic President, Woodrow Wilson.
 The man you support, Barack Hussein Obama,  is in bed with The Muslim Brotherhood, but you tools, you fools, are too blind with ambition for your own stinking lives and careers to recognize what he, and his party supports and represents.

Oh, and before I forget--I'll have no worry of making good on my deal--you know, voting for Barack Obama....Take a good long look at your sisters.....sisters!  I'm begging you to take me up on this deal.  The women you see picture here are/were beautiful women also--before their ears, noses and other appendages were brutally cut off, and for no other reason than they are women!  You and your kind, on the other hand, are lost souls, and an embarrassment to your gender!

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