Sunday, February 24, 2013

In memory of the tens of millions dead for one bad idea--A TRIBUTE TO COMMUNISM

         Warning: Graphic Images

Progressives are the new communists--dressed up to look like a
princess, but still the same old pig.
Democrats are America’s 'New Progressives," but they also answer to the name; SOCIALISTS!

     *Derek Hunter, a columnists for writes, "Remember when Democrats used to call themselves liberals? Then conservatives showed the world what liberals really were, and no one wanted to call themselves that anymore.

Now, they call themselves progressives again – as they did in the early 20th century until their racist/fascist agenda was rejected and they went into hiding under the word liberal. (To you progressives outraged by this truth, read Jonah Goldberg’s masterful book Liberal Fascism and open your eyes to your eugenics-loving, racist roots.)

Their name has changed, but their objectives have not. They want an all-powerful federal government with the individual subjected to its will and whims."

     The current Progressive stationed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will have his way with the American Capitalist system for the next four years, with little if any opposition from like-minded political leaders safely ensconced in both the Democratic and Republican parties.

     When 2016 rolls around, and our United States Constitution appears unrecognizable to most true Patriotic Americans, the Progressives will finally have their table set for America's first woman President, whose assignment will be, writing the final chapter for this great nation.

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