Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More 'Sequester Silliness'--Latest threat from another government bureaucracy--"Long customs wait may get even longer soon"



     Federal Customs officials are now threatening foreign visitors traveling to the United States that its services will become even crappier than ever, now that Obama and the losers in Congress are once again having a lover's spat.

     The agency claims, a lack of funding will require agent's hours to be reduced, therefore...and once more, making innocent bystanders the victims of  already useless federally employed, waste-of-time-dead-weight-flunkees! 

     Here's a simple solution... 
        Fly to Mexico and walk across the border.

     You will have no personal contact with ghetto-speaking Customs agents, no fondling by perverted TSA agents, no passports required and,  an abundance of American taxpayer supplied generosity--we will foot the bill for healthcare, food stamps, social security benefits, child care/support, unemployment checks, free housing and anything you desire--just ask!

     And, as an added bonus, if you choose to break any of the burdensome laws we are dictated to follow, special accommodations will be provided for your comfort and convenience.                                      
     Free legal services are one of the many perks awaiting you once you've made that grueling trek across our Southern border.

     Kiosks have been strategically positioned along your route, and contain all information required to make you feel welcome in your new home here in America.  (Ask any border patrol agent for assistance and directions to any one of the many government agencies provided to look after you, following such an arduous journey).  Also for your convenience, the ACLU will fight your legal problems all the way to the United States Supreme court if   necessary.                                                  

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