Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Spreading the wealth around" comes easy to Obama's Jackals!

Leader of the 'Pack' (Senior Advisor)
Valerie Jarrett "Laughing all the way to the bank!"
Jarrett’s net worth is between *$3.3 million and $13 million.
Obama 'Lap-Puppy' (Cabinet Secretary)
 Christopher Lu "Longer official titles make political hacks sound important"
 "Assistant to the President and Cabinet Secretary for United States President Barack Obama. He also serves as the co-chair of the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders" (
Lugging around a title that burdensome, rewards Lu with an estimated net worth between $2.3 million and $5.2 million
Token Obama Geek, otherwise awarded title of (Senior Adviser)
David Plouffe   Plouffe happily boasts that his boss Obama, "Wants to continue increasing taxes, not focus on cutting spending."
 Making brilliant statements such as this, surely deserves 'the high-priced spread,' and old Plouffe'y'-boy manages to get along with a measly net worth of "as much as $3.6 million." 
Obama's official 'mouth-piece,' and probably the only person on his staff who if less 'in-articulate' than his boss.  Probably by design! (Press Secretary)
 Jay Carney   Probably one of Carney's 'dumbest' comments followed the tragic murders of Connecticut school children...“if even one child’s life can be saved by actions taken in Washington, we must take these actions.”
Ever heard of ABORTION, DUMBO!!!!!
Carney's interpretation of Obama's words normally leave reporters with a sense of confusion, scratching their heads and asking one another, 'what the hell did he say??!!!' Believe it or not, for spreading his boss's fairy tales, Carney has accumulated "as much as $3.2 million."
"Golly Wally...ya think dad will let us take Air Force One out for a spin?" (Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor)
 Dan Pfeiffer When he doesn't have 'the Beaver' tagging along, and if he can fit it in before heading off to gym class, Danny boy kills time around the White house (at the tender age of 38) ADVISING a man clinging to the most important position in the world!  No big 25 he was a spokesman for, then Vice President Al Gore.  Is it any wonder he's now pulling down the big bucks!!!
The political hack 'money grab' has rewarded Pfeiffer 
"as much as $2.1 million" Isn't America a really great place Wally!
When focusing on the White House Money 'pool,' there are few minnows in the pond who can measure up to this big fish...(National Security Adviser)
Tom Donilon  In addition to his $172,200 annual White House salary, Donilon unashamedly receives $148,000 in annual pension payments from mortgage giant and taxpayer bailout recipient Fannie Mae, where he used to work as a lobbyist.
"Donilon is worth as much as $32.5 million."

(But mostly to political light weight hacks in Washington, lucky enough to win the Obama-run Chicago style lottery

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