Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Al "Stewie" Sharpton -- A charlatan, con man, biggoted race baiter, a rat for the FBI and, first and foremost, a constant 'house guest' of the President of the United States (Satire)

Image source:   http://drawfortruth.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/al-sharpton-final-500srgb.jpg?w=500&amph=482
"Obama meets once again with Al Sharpton-- one of his closest advisers"

     Perhaps Al was wearing a 'wire' on his many visits to meet with Barack Obama.  Damn, here we go again--another missing 18 minutes of taped conversation.  But on the other hand, one might question how much useful information could be squeezed out of a ' jive-talk conversation?'


     Word on the street has it that countless brothers were considered to front as stooge for the FBI, as part of their elaborate in-house plan to get dirt on Obama, but because Sharpton played the part of fool instinctively, he was a natural for the gig.

     The name of the second 'patsie' has been edited from this video in order to preserve the identity of this person, who has since been enrolled in the government's protection program.  Quoting an FBI official, when questioned about an obvious disregard for Sharpton's future well-being.  The official told us, and we quote, "No one gives a rats ass about this fat *astard...."

     Despite this agent's complimentary words for the good reverend, sources close to the investigation tell us, they are working behind the scenes to improve on Al's new identity.

on a completely unrelated note......

Whats with the size of Al's head these days???
Ever since his weight loss program has reduced him to a size
Photo source:  http://cdn.necolebitchie.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Al-Sharpton-and-his-new-girlfriend-2.jpg

Does this chick have a 'pin-head,' or is Al's
cranium really that gargantuas?

     And now the REAL story from our most reliable source for news these day in the United States--The United Kingdom's DAILY MAIL (Link)


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