Monday, April 21, 2014

Is Hillary Clinton 'running?' Many believe it is more like, Is Hillary Clinton 'flying?'

First it was blamed on the 
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.....and then Hillary was on her way to the next
non-campaign stop

     Pay no attention to so-called expert political pundits claiming that Hillary Rodham Clinton is a hands down choice for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2016.  If you fell for that gibberish in the 2008 election, today Hillary would once again be shattering White House china off the walls, during one of her numerous rumored temper tantrums displayed during her stint as First Lady while play-acting an actual loving relationship to the then President--Hot pants 'Bubba' Bill Clinton.

     One sure barometer to monitor is the outcome of elections in 2014.  If the Democrats take a beating at the ballot box and lose heavily in the House of Representative races, and fail to keep control of the US Senate, HILLARY WILL NOT BE THE Democrats 2016 Presidential choice.  

     Even at this early date, we are betting on this woman to step up to the plate and fill the gaping void left by a sudden departure of Rodham Clinton.
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Elizabeth Warren
US Senator from Massachusetts

     Despite insisting she has no interest in running for the nation's top spot, there are those who believe Warren would be a perfect substitute for Democrats first choice.   A former professor at Harvard Law school, Elizabeth Warren is viewed as 'a Hillary Clinton, with brains.'
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 Andrew Cuomo
New York Governor

     New York Governor Andrew Cuomo also says he is not running for the Democratic Presidential nod in 2016, but party insiders believe he would be a perfect replacement for the current White House occupant.

     Cuomo is seen by many Liberals, as their perfect candidate--on gay issues, immigration, abortion, making the United States a 'gun-free zone,' just to name a few issues embraced by kooks on the left.

     Privately there are those who honestly believe Joe Biden could carry the torch for Democrats in 2016, and most Republican observers probably are encouraging the current Vice President to throw his hat in the ring.  Might be a campaign full of one liners and good for a few laughs....but seriously folk????


     Finally, for the die hard Progressives who believe there is no replacement for Hillary, we leave you with one memorable reminder of why we would be unequivocally opposed to listening to this scary shrew for even a minimum of a four year term.
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