Wednesday, April 30, 2014

EPA may be an acronym for Environmental Protection Agency, but in todays climate of out of control government, 'Exceeding Prescribed Authority' would seem more appropriate

     In 1970 Congress created the Environmental Protection Agency and gave it the primary role in carrying out the laws established by the Clean Air Act, which was passed in that same year.

      Gina McCarthy is that Agency's newest administrator.

     Like so many of Barack Obama's appointees, they display a 'father like son' semblance when seeking approval from Congress.  However, once they have been confirmed, they simply head off in their own direction, thumbing their nose at the Legislative body which gave them their blessing.

     Listening to McCarthy deliver her battle cry like a modern day Joan of Arc, you are quickly brought back to reality when realizing she, and mostly all political appointees, are nothing more than extensions of the elephant, or jackass party, to which ever they owe allegiance.  And if you believe every road in American life today does not lead back to a racial component under the Obama Administration, you are unfortunately still living back in the '50s.  

     It all becomes perfectly clear when McCarthy enlightens us on the real reason (and with tongue in cheek why we believe) Rosa Parks wanted to get the hell out from the back of that bus.....  

It was the damn pollution. .

      Credit:  US Environmental Protection Agency

Are we alone in our belief, there is a job waiting for Gina McCarthy at MSNBC when this disaster known as the Obama Presidency finally comes to an end?

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