Thursday, April 17, 2014

Quote of the day comes from an 'unlikely source'

'Beck really hits a home run with this comment'
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     Glenn Beck is "a politically conservative American television and radio host, political commentator, author, television network producer, media personality and entrepreneur. *

"We're beginning to agree that Republicans and Democrats suck
 -- they've built this machine to grind people into the ground.  
 I hate this stuff. I hate politics. I hate politicians and I feel like I'm wasting my life. 
Don't we all know what's happening?
 George W. Bush was taking us down a road,
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and Barack Obama is taking us down that same road.
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What difference does it make? 
(sound familiar)?
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 I don't want to waste my life anymore."
--Glenn Beck **

Wasting your life is exactly what you are doing with continued support of snake oil salesmen such as these, who are becoming extremely wealthy, playing on emotions of gullible and naive Americans.

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