Monday, April 4, 2016

Both Bill, and Hillary got their own 'little joy-toy' interns when taking residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Bill 'broke' his toy, and as we all know,
she was tossed into the 
Clinton's dust bin of used and forgotten memories.


Quite the opposite for Hillary Rodham, 
considering the fact, her 'joy-toy' intern, to this day remains by her side and for the past few decades they appear to be inseparable.
Probably doing 'girl-stuff,' you know, like
shopping....and stuff.

In fact, the intern--Huma Abedin--has gone from an innocent volunteer White House 'Go-fer' for the, then First Lady, Hillary Clinton, to serving this woman, in what most observers might consider an upper tier government position, having access to some of this country's most sensitive government documents, during a period when her boss filled the position of United States Secretary of State under President Barack Obama.

     According to a recent account appearing at the Daily Mail Online website,  Abedin apparently has not lost that 'thrill' up her leg, upon first meeting Mrs. Clinton.  

     'Our eyes connected and I thought "Wow"': Hillary Clinton's top aide Huma Abedin gushes about the presidential hopeful and describes the moment they first met.....
   The full (fairy tale) inspiring  story continues here:

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  1. Most Americans have known for decades that Hilliary is a Lesbian. But why did Huma admit it now? Did Clinton blast her to pieces for her honesty.


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