Saturday, April 30, 2016

Make Target, the 'target' (Signers of petition now over 1 MILLION)


boycott Target as a result of that company's policy to allow transgender individuals to use restrooms commonly reserved for 
(For those of you unfamiliar with the term 'transgender,' read this as MEN, dressing as Women, but as we have already learned since this brainy policy was instituted by Target, you don't even have to bother playing dress-up.  As long as you IDENTIFY as a Woman) 
The American Family Association is sponsoring a petition at it's website, inviting anyone who disagrees with this outrageous decision,  to make their objections known by signing the petition.  View the most recent total of signers, and participate if you choose, by going here:
 >>>>>>> Keep this drive alive<<<<<<<

     Political correctness has reduced this nation to the 'transformed' status Barack Hussein Obama promised just five days before beginning his quest to drag down The United States of America to third world status.

     Target is just the latest vehicle Obama and his crazy cultist are using to urinate on the feet of those who provide revenue, as consumers, for the continued existence of these leftist freaks.
     The time has arrived for the people who ARE the core of this country to take a stand, and begin today, by telling these twisted ideologues, they will not dictate to us, what we, and any other common sense American, know is both perverted AND dangerous.

     One of the many benefits we have as Americans, is freedom...and this God-given right allows us to decide who, and what we will support. 

     Many of you reading these words made a choice to support Obama, under false pretense he was a 'man of the people'.....someone who would SERVE all the people of this great nation.  Unfortunately he squandered perhaps a one time opportunity to unify this nation, and following seven years+ of pandering to every minority, and in some instances, lawbreakers (see illegals invading America, and releasing known criminals to infiltrate our peaceful communities) he has left a shattered America along that path.

     Therefore, since Target has made a Corporate decision, catering to the 3.5 % of Americans who identify as transgender, perhaps they won't mind lost revenues as a result of sticking it to the many/majority of American consumers who allowed its brand to thrive and prosper for the past 54 years



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