Wednesday, July 6, 2016

'Miss Teen USA Is Eliminating the Swimsuit Competition.' In 'Obama's self-identity America,' perhaps their focus should be more about concealing 'the Queen's' genitalia?

Some photo content may be offensive to certain readers

     Remember way back in the latter part of 2014 when President Barack Hussein Obama addressed the nation on immigration? 

     In an apparent attempt to silence those concerned about these 'new arrivals' flooding across transparent borders, and changing our American society,  Obama appealed to worrisome citizens, saying  "I know some worry immigration will change the very fabric of who we are..."

     It seems as though not a day goes by without hearing reports of some intrusive Government  agency telling us, we will no longer be allowed (yes, no longer be a free country), to use certain words, or perform common ordinary, 'American-as-apple-pie' activities, all in the name of not offending our 'new arrivals.'

     And now, this latest announcement from what has become an American institution.  'Miss Teen USA is eliminating the swimsuit portion of that competition.'  Of course there is no mention of this sudden change in policy being in any form or fashion attached to 'offending our new arrivals,' but you can be certain, with the current band of misfits residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, their 'hoof-print' of approval has to be stamped somewhere.

     According to pageant officials, this minor adjustment in competition is all about "an important cultural shift."  But,  In 'Obama's self-identity America,' perhaps the issue is more about concealing 'the Queen's' genitalia?  Maybe they should be more concerned about the Evening Gown Competition.

     "The 2016 Miss Teen USA pageant will feature one major change from the previous year’s competitions: USA Today reports that it will be eliminating the swimsuit portion.

     The pageant had previously required the contestants, aged 14–19, to walk across the stage in a bikini to "show off the athleticism of the competition. More here:

     If  we are to survive as a sovereign nation, we must return to the days of American citizens, being Americans. And not a caricature of what some mentally confused ideologue envisions as child-like characters roaming around aimlessly in a pseudo Utopia.~~
     That day will only come when these same Americans, rise up and drive out these menacing Progressive demons who are attempting to control our very way of life through a perverted scheme, using cradle to grave mind control tactics.  The revolution begins by casting your votes to reject any, and all candidates who subscribe to policies now being spearheaded by a hijacked Democratic Party.

     As previously stated at this website,  "We are at the doorway to the future, but this cult, inaccurately dubbed as a party of the 'working man,' is always prepared to return us to the very worst segments of our beginnings.  Don't allow this to happen.....Never ever again, should anyone resembling someone/something even close to being associated with the Democrat Party be allowed anywhere near a position giving them access to changing, manipulating or corrupting the foundation of this great land, the United States of America."

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