Sunday, July 10, 2016

The only person benefiting from these most recent killings, rioting and civil unrest is Mrs. Bill Clinton -- Anytime a distraction is needed, the Democrat 'Cult' can always depend on their 'crazy lefties' (of all stripes and colors) to run interference as cover for their own crimes

      Mrs. Bill Clinton had a master instructor in the art of deceiving the American public, using any means of distractions necessary in order to force the 'simpletons' of this nation to "look....look over here...don't look over there....look over here at the shiny new object."  A crazed vigilante is randomly shooting muggers on the NYC subways.

     Don't look at that semen stained dress.  How dare you insult my good name by implying I'd have anything to do with any of these cheap, tawdry trailer tramps......"look....look over here...don't look over there....look over here at the shiny new object."  A rogue NYC cop has raped an innocent black teenage girl...what a horror, riots in the street...burn buildings, overturn cop cars, and tear apart the fabric of your very own home to demonstrate your outrage...Look...LOOK over there.

     Don't look at the secret, and sleazy financial deals making me wildly wealthy...Look, LOOK over here...not there....the shiny object.  A riot, a bombing, murder of a child....whatever it takes to 'save my own miserable skin.'

     If you lived through the scandal-clustered Clinton era of the 90s, you are very familiar with the 'wag-the-dog' techniques crafted by Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Indeed, they did  whatever it took to 'save their own miserable skin.'  And now they are back.  Hoping to deceive  and cheat their way through yet another new generation of simpleton sheeple.

     Those of us who have been awake, and watching from the sidelines over the past 40 years, know what is in store for you, your families and this nation if these two unscrupulous miscreants are allowed anywhere near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

     Watching the events of last week when a weak and cowardly public official stood before the American people, telling them all about the misdeeds of Mrs. Clinton, only to conclude there was no  intent on her part to commit a crime, was definitely the last straw for most Americans.  Especially those who have been, as stated....'awake, and silently watching from the sidelines over the past 40 years.

     Crooked, corrupt politicians.   And now they are back for an encore performance.

     Well, let me inform you.  I am not alone when I say...I'm mad....yes....I'M MAD AS HELL, and the millions of Americans just like me, ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE.

Youtube:  Onipsi
 1976 American film 'NETWORK' 

It is way past the time to get angry America....


     While you sit in the comfort of your home, knowing, realizing little by little, day by day, your hold on freedom is becoming more and more distant.  You get up, you got to work, you fend for your family. You obediently pay your taxes, support your America, and all for what?  To sit in front of your television each night, and watch, bear witness to the complete dismantlement of the nation you were raised to love, respect, and hopefully pass along to your children and grand children. 

     But you sit there and you watch, just as in this 1976 watch others, knowing their intentions for this country are not the same as yours...your friends, and co-workers.  These people.  Those you have entrusted to stand, and represent you.  They, THEY are the takers.  They have raped the very nation which cast them in roles of protector's of a free nation, when in reality they work tirelessly to tear apart, an shred the fabric which once tightly bonded us together.

     When their crimes are uncovered.  Loft a burning torch into an already volatile  tinderbox of racial unrest.  Divide...pull apart...SHRED.  Divide and conquer.  Look, LOOK over here...not there....the shiny object. 

      These people are scum.  Everything which was 'good' about this country, has now been tarnished...soiled by people identifying themselves as a political party, when in actuality, when the mask of deception is pulled away, we see what, and who they really are.  And if you are foolish enough to allow them to continue, you have no one else to blame for the destruction, but yourself. 

     For the remainder of us...White, Black, yellow, whatever the color...whoever you are.  You know, deep down inside, each and every person in this country has a purpose.  Their life has meaning and value.  Just as much, if not more than those who live each day to strip you of your freedom.  Get Mad.
 Update:  Reacting to our description of 'these people' as SCUM in the preceding article, a reader expressed her concern with this writer's alleged lack of respect for prominent elected officials.  She suggested perhaps we might want to amend our, what she considered, inflammatory remark.

     According to, its definition of the word 'scum,' is as follows:  "a low, worthless, or evil person."  It also suggest alternate words such as "riffraff or dregs.'

     The words riffraff and dregs seem to paint a picture of someone more akin to what we visualize as a court jester--an almost lovable simpleton.  And although we are tempted to use either of these words, after a brief period of deeper thought.....nah, maybe 'scum' is a bit too complimentary for 'these people.'

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