Friday, July 15, 2016

The plan to get Mrs. Bill Clinton elected President of the United States, with the help of Donald Trump, is right on course

     We are convinced now, more than at any other time in this Presidential process, the only reason for Donald Trump's participation, was/is to get Hillary Rodham Clinton elected as the 45th President of the United States of America.  See

     Regardless of recent poll data indicating his apparent improving numbers, as Trump repeated so many times during the Primaries and most recently following what was suppose to have been a secret meeting between fellow conspirators Attorney General Lynch and 'Bubba' Clinton--the "fix is in."

    Why?  Trump appeared to seal the deal earlier today via Twitter, by naming a relatively 'unknown' (to probably a vast majority of Americans)  Governor from Indiana to be his Vice Presidential running mate.  You are probably asking, 'What's the big deal..very few people are actually voting for the Vice President.' This may be true, but in today's world of instant visual accessibility, the optics could make a difference between committed declaration of support from a huge block of potential voters, or losing them to the other side.  Again, not because of any qualifications, but because the running mate is standing next to the actual guy who is desperately attempting to sell you the line...."I'm just like you."

     Trump, whether he, or his mesmerized supporters care to admit, is going to need every trick in the book to even come close to securing legitimate votes, already being claimed by Hillary (Queen of Political Mobsters) Clinton.

     Unlike Trumps very informal 'tweeting out' announcement of his upcoming love affair with Pence, Hillary's best bud on the dais will no doubt join her on stage, introduced to a Worldwide audience as the next coming of Jesus Christ himself.  The backdrop will be sandwiched with a cluster of every imaginable form of human caricatures presently known to the scientific community.  If they breathe, they vote.  If they do not breathe, they vote.  One thing for certain, her running mate will be either Hispanic, African American, or perhaps even a woman.  However the last choice is doubtful, considering Hillary's refusal to share the spotlight with anyone who might step on her shadow.

     A few candid observations for Mr. Trump.  

     #1 The Republican candidate is facing a huge uphill battle to counter the unbalanced number of Democrat vs. Republican registered voters.  Democrat voting rolls are normally bolstered  by using 'cemetery voters,' and the faithfuls who love their candidate so much, they vote for them multiple times at multiple locations.  (All with the approving nod of local election officials, who of course, are normally political hacks in the Democrat 'cult' itself).

     #2  Hillary Clinton's numbers will be reinforced by what we like to describe as 'the Vagina Voters.'  Those voting for her, not because of any particular qualifications, but solely because they both put their pantsuits on the same way.

     #2a.  This group includes murder incorporated--otherwise known as Planned Parenthood.
     #2b.  Also falling into this category, anyone identifying with the LGBT (xyz-pms, etc) crowd, who comfortably slip into their pantsuits (zipper front, or rear)
     #2c.  Those throw-backs to the 60's who burned their bras decades ago, and are still screaming INEQUALITY, at the top of their now under-inflated lungs.

     #3  Anyone who voted in '08 and once again in '12 for Barack Obama because he is a 'Black man,' or those who said they wanted to be part of history by electing the 1st African American President.  (They only accomplished half of that task, (taking into account, that Obama had a 'black' father, and 'white' mother) so look for another attempt at electing a 'totally-African-American-President' probably in 2020).   No reason to dwell on the nation's African American voting block.  Democrats 'give us stuff'.....Republicans want to return to the days of slavery. And let us not forget the latest mantra...'Black Lives Matter.....and did we mention, Hillary will give us stuff.'  We expect 'the Queen of darkness' to reign over her kingdom for only one term. 

      #4  Finally, and probably most important in the Presidential Race--THE HISPANIC VOTE (legal and illegal combined).  Hillary promises them a new Mercedes in every government supplied home.....Trump says he's sending them back.  Not too difficult to determine who this block of voters will be sending to Washington.

     So, knowing all these negatives which Donald Trump must counter, or preferably overcome, any sane citizen would conclude, the best possible running mate he could select, would probably be identified with one of those categories listed above.  

     His challengers during the Republican primaries included at least two candidates claiming Hispanic origins.  A highly qualified woman.  And a wildly popular African American, who at one point actually (momentarily) had better numbers than Trump.  Hell, it seemed at times there were around 40 candidates positioning for the nomination.  Okay, so there might have been less.

     The all too real fact remains;  Democrats always have a plan A thru Z to rig an election, and when you toss 'the Clinton thugs' into the mix, there is no limit on what dead rabbits they might pull out of their hat.  So explain to us why, why would Donald Trump appear to go out of his way to select (with respect to Pence) a running mate who no one outside of Birdseye, Indiana could identify?  

     We stand by our original claim "the only reason for Donald Trump's participation, was/is to get Hillary Rodham Clinton elected as the 45th President of the United States of America."

     We can think of no better example than the following.  If the field of possible VP running mates was to be chosen from The Seven Dwarfs......


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