Sunday, December 18, 2016

Is this what Michelle Obama describes as 'real HOPE?'

     Before Donald Trump serves one full day in office as President of the United States, current First Lady Michelle Obama makes a futile attempt to break the knees of his Unicorns of Hope for America's future.  

     This narcissistic queen of  egoism now makes a last minute attempt to sprinkle pixie dust over the wasteland of grief left behind by the destructive eight year reign of her husband.

* youtube:  CBS 

      Pretentious 'HOPE,' Mrs. Obama?  Hope, as you and your politically motivated husband envision it to be?  (Watch out for the Unicorn poop as we take a trip down memory lane, or as you and Barack more accurately might describe as a yellow brick road).

youtube:  ChiTraderRob

     'Hope' has treated you and your family to unimaginable riches throughout the past eight years, Mrs. Obama.  Riches that people, such as the women in this video was conned into believing she too would share these lottery winnings, simply by suggestive comments from your teleprompter reading husband.  Now that the gravy train has reached its destination, comments like this, serve only to further divide this nation, and awaken a sleeping America to a painful realization that perhaps you never really possessed a shred of pride in this country, until its riches were showered over you, and your obviously unappreciative family.

     Now, with the light of a new day breaking above the horizon, you and your husband's lackeys unashamedly pretend,  history will forget  how you disappointed the very people who were served up nothing more than a storybook fantasy.  A false belief that they too could align themselves at the same waterhole of riches, when in reality, the legacy you, and your husband leave behind is cluttered with disappointment and despair.

“One can talk good and shower down roses, 
but it's the receiver 
that has to walk through the thorns,
 and all its false expectations.”  ― Anthony Liccione

*If you are inclined to abuse yourself by listening to further babbling by this self absorbed pretender, go here.  (Suggest you arm yourself with an oversized barf bag).


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