Monday, December 5, 2016

When their turn came, and they were handed their ass in defeat -- Old Republicans did the right thing.

Obiter Dictum Semi-Satire      

       It's my turn could easily have been Hillary Clinton's Presidential campaign slogan.  Republicans have been following that game plan for decades.

     But when Republican's no-chance, no-win, no-way candidate predictably bit the dust, they gathered together their bruised egos, ghostly memorabilia from the candidate's has-been-career, and moved on to endeavors where they were more likely suitable for success.

     One noteworthy example was veteran Kansas U-S Senator, Bob Dole.  Dole's gravel voice was enough to scare the kids, send timid dogs into hiding, and propel menstruating women scurrying for the nearest ladies room.  But Dole, in addition to working as a dedicated public servant for countless years , was a celebrated World War II veteran.  

     Coincidentally, in that year's Presidential election, Bob Dole, the Republican's noteworthy representative, was pitted against a more charismatic and charming, Democrat William Jefferson Clinton.  Needless to say, Republican's David had little chance up against the Democrat's Goliath.  But Dole graciously accepted defeat, and the old guard of the Republican party could restfully sleep for another four years knowing they gave yet another loser, his turn.

     And rather than contesting results of that election, Dole politely offered his place at the table to, who most likely would be the Republican's next guy, whining about how it was now  his time, his turn.  So Dole moved on.  Moving from hard politics to,  just plain talk about 'making things harder.'

Lifted from You Tube:  NewsPoliticsInfo

     Bob Dole is living proof.....there is life after your political career has been reduced to looking like a wet noodle.  "It's really hard to get past it, but you move on."  

     Sometimes it takes a special kind of loser to admit, "If friends and family are avoiding you, maybe it's not just your ideology which offends them."

You go girl !!

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