Friday, December 16, 2016

Some Russians just don't get it--'Manspreaditis' is a serious condition.....

.....and unfortunately, this dreaded affliction apparently knows no borders, and sometimes even claims those among the female gender as well.   

      A recent article appearing at website shares comments from "A popular TV anchor on one of Russia’s state-owned channels who has accused President Obama of behaving in an “uncivilized” fashion toward President-elect Donald Trump, including manspreading." *

       Actually, there might be some truth to this commentator's seemingly disrespectful rant leveled against the  outgoing US President.  Some experts  believe, 'the spread' is measured by who 'the man-spreader' believes is attempting to invade his space.  The act of man-spreading actually can be compared to a dog 'marking his territory.'

     The Humane Society seems to back up this assertion.  "Much like the miners during the Gold Rush, dogs are territorial animals. They "stake a claim" to a particular space, area, or object by marking it, using a variety of methods at different levels of intensity.  For example, a dog may bark to drive away what he perceives to be intruders in his territory. Some dogs may go to the extreme of urinating or defecating on something to say "mine!." **

      Notice below how the guy on the extreme left of this photo, featuring the relaxed Chief Executive, seems to be marking 'his territory.'  Obama, on the other hand, appears to be right at home in this nonthreatening environment, and obviously willing to cede his sometimes image of tough-guy.  No "red line in the sand here."

     Finally, there is a name for this horrible condition..... Manspreaditis

youtube:   markmalkoff

apparently is not a Male only affliction


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