Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A TOAST TO FREEDOM--Battle cry for all humanity in 2013

"Their beer was strong; their wine was port; Their meal was large; their grace was short. They gave the poor the remnant meat, Just when it grew not fit to eat."- Matthew Prior

     Washington elites possibly stripped Americans of more freedoms in the past four years, than any other period in our country's history, and in the process, reduced individual dignity to doormat status. 
     Intoxicated with unparalleled powers, never envisioned by our founders, they stumble to the backdoor of 2012 offering its people stale left-over beer--all that remains from a drunken bash, by invitation only, to a party for two....Democrats and Republicans united as one, no longer voices of, and for the people, but rather the elites who control their very own shackles.
     With the dawning of 2013, all Americans--315,093,477 strong--let the commencement of this new year, also be a new beginning for freedoms lost in this great land.  Lift your glass, and drink a "Toast to Freedom"


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