Friday, January 18, 2013

Sadly...Some American children will never get an opportunity to be used as props for Obama 'bill signing' Ops! 

      Since the safety and welfare of children have been exploited recently by politicians to further their own personal agendas, the following excerpt from "Letter from an Aborted Child by Dan Gura" seems appropriate.

 "I just wanted to be born, to fill you with kisses, hugs, and tell you that you are the best mother in the world. 
I wanted to be born to brighten your gloomy days and fill you with love and happiness and, occasionally, be mischievous. 
I thought of the moment when you and I would hug each other, laugh at one another, cry and comfort each other. 
Now I see that all my dreams are about to end."

     "President Obama is strongly pro-choice. Although he has stated an aversion to partial birth abortion, his actions indicate that he believes in a concept known as "abortion on demand". This concept means that a woman should be able to obtain an abortion at any time, for any reason, regardless of ability to pay or stage of pregnancy."

"abortion on demand"
One of the most important issues which is...



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