Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Reagan's home could become a parking lot for Obama's library " -- Washington Times* 
"Boyhood home of Ronald Reagan" Washington Times Photo

Why should anyone be shocked by this news...It is a known fact......
  A common Muslim tradition is to build a mosque on conquered enemy land to celebrate or symbolize victory.
     "The al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem is built on top of one of the holiest sites in Judaism, the Temple Mount.
                   al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem

 Quote:      "And thus did We make (men) to get knowledge of them, that they might know that Allah’s promise is true and that the Hour — there is no doubt about it. When they disputed among themselves about their affair and said: Erect an edifice over them. Their Lord knows best about them. Those who prevailed in their affair said: We shall certainly build a place of worship over them." -- Chapter 18 verse 21 of the Quran as per an online translation of the quran at

      "Now, the University of Chicago Medical Center has announced plans to turn Reagan’s Chicago home into a parking lot." 
Our vision of how the parking lot will appear at the Obama Presidential Library.

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