Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Face of Democratic Party finally revealed!

The expression on this man's face says it all for the Democratic Party. Everyday, life in the United States Congress can now be compared to such glib events as a 'Saturday afternoon kiddie party,' or any other such fun time coveted by a child's mind.

Eight months after this fiasco commenced, Minnesota courts have finally declared Al Franken as junior Senator from that formerly great state. Seems like there should be penalties levied against those states which, for whatever strange reason, saddle the rest of America with fulfilling some sort of childhood fantasy. Much like what Massachusetts has been doing to us for decades by sending Teddy Kennedy to Washington as their State's representative. There are several others, but I single out Massachusetts because, not only did they elect one jester, but repeated this distinction by raising John Kerry to that state's other Senatorial seat.

So now we finally have a true and bonafide comedian as the man who holds a pivotal position to vote in deciding perhaps the fate of, not only us, but considering the state of mind of Minnesota voters, our children and....well, we won't speculate beyond that generation because with this current crop of misfits charged with operating our country, there may be nothing beyond, other than entry into the black hole of extinction.

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