Monday, July 6, 2009

Standing class--screw those first class snobs!

My all-time favorite air carrier in the entire world, Irish based Ryanair, has done it again!

If their latest hair-brained idea gets wings, they will be selling tickets, which essentially, are standing class. Actually, you will be assigned to a bar stool. Word is that you will have security of a seat belt, or bar stool belt, whatever!

Some of Ryanair's previous brain-child's are, elimination of check-in counters and I suppose this next one dove tails with the overall idea of 'convenience,' adding a fee, for the privilege of checking in. Another swell proposal floated around the executive board room was to impose a 'charge for using the toilets.' Now there's one for you. If there is one function I go out of my way to avoid, it is using toilet cubicles on any aircraft. Transatlantic and its cousin, transpacific flights have never had the privilege of seeing my rear-end make contact with any of their depository devices. Granted, my kidneys have had a few disagreements with other vital organs, but I stood my ground and waited until arriving at my destination. Oh yes, and then getting the obvious advantage of using one of those immaculately spotless commodes at airports.

There may be a bright side to this latest proposal from Ryanair regarding standing class. Knowing their past record, the guy who proposed that toilet fee charge is said to be adding a little incentive to flyers by allowing children to fly half price, if you are willing to perch them on your shoulder! (okay, so I made that up)!

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