Sunday, July 19, 2009

A few suggestions for Ahmadinejad

Could someone please pass content of this blog entry along to newly re-elected Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad This man is destined to live a lonely life, friendless, if he continues down this path of perpetual regurgitation of insults!

According a Reuters news account, Ahmadinejad is quoted as saying about his alleged foes, "But I have told the enemies ... that this nation ... will strike you in the face so hard you will lose your way home," he said in comments translated by English-language Press TV.

Someone, anyone, please furnish this man with a copy of Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People." Or perhaps a quickie apologetic course with Barack Obama would, at the very least set this man on a path to carrying on a civilized conversation, which doesn't consist of remarks, inevitably concluding with displaying his ability to 'spit in someones face!' Ahmadinejad normally prefers a Jew for his saliva spraying fest, but when one is not available, anyone in the West will suffice.

Then this man wonders why there has been a massive uprising amongst his nation's people. For Allah's sake Ahma, step into the 21st Century. If you haven't noticed lately, humans around the globe have surrendered their clubs and fur-lined Togo's for garb which most resembles changes brought about by the course of time. You and your turban-clad religious bros' continue to insult your people, and an entire country by constantly attempting to hold on to the past by dragging evolution back to the stone age.

If there is a god in heaven, and most humans believe in some type of higher being, (fortunately that chosen and most acceptable form of enlightenment does not appear, staff in hand with a newly severed head dangling from his blood-soaked digits), the Iranian people will prevail, and we can all hope that you and your kind are returned to the fiery hell from where you surly escaped.

Praise Allah!

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