Saturday, July 4, 2009

What Sarah Palin represented was, an alternative (nothing more)!

Friday's sudden decision by Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin saying she will not only remove herself from reelection as that State's Governor, but also to resign at the end of July, came as a shock to many; the so called movers and shakers of the Republican party (quite honestly, following last year's Presidential election, if that party's nominee for the highest office was an indication of a 'mover and shaker,' they'd best be prepared to hang out their Sham-wow to dry for another four years).

Sarah Palin never was a serious choice by McCain as a running mate, but rather a crutch to help him limp across the finish line on election day. Quite honestly, McCain was never a serious choice by the Republicans to be their pick for the top spot either, but merely a shadow of what they did in an earlier Presidential election when they slipped Bob Dole in as 'their man!' When its all boiled down, this is the way the game is played, it 'was their time.' Neither of these men had a prayer to win; McCain in '08 and Dole against Clinton, but as far as the Republican party was concerned, they paid their dues and 'golly gee' (a little Sarah Palin lingo added here so we don't forget the reason for this writing) it was just the right thing to do. Elevate McCain to be big Kahonas at the scintillating shindig in Denver, better known as the party's convention (another worthless waste of time and money, but that's another topic for another time).

Anyone, of any importance in the Republican party knew McCain didn't have a prayer in stripping this election away from the charismatic Democratic Party's suave and smooth Barack Obama, so in essence, why waste your best stuff on a losing cause. So, Mitt Romney will just have to wait until the 2012 contest. Personally, Rudy Guilliani was my disappointment, quite honestly because he never got away from the starting gate. Rather, he sat on the sidelines playing shuffle board somewhere at the Villages in Florida, waiting to make his big move, which never came!

Many starry-eyed conservatives in the Republican party still see Sarah Palin as being their choice in '12, and this resignation is her first signal toward that end, a commencement of a bid for the nomination. Won't happen! Why? Let me count the ways! Firstly, she is not Presidential material (nice lady, good person, dedicated wife and mother, but 'soorey', as Jeopardy's Alex Trebek would say, she doesn't fit the cookie-cutter mold necessary to get a key to the White House. Secondly, it would be way too early for her to wet her finger, hold it in the air to see what direction public opinion is blowing and make a decision to set in motion a campaign for a race which is years in the future. Granted, many controversial issues are now happening which are really pissing off alot of Americans, but they are not quite ready, at this early date, to give up on Obama and start synchronously chanting Sar-ah...Sar-ah! Thirdly, if Obama's term appears to be heading down the crapper (and that won't come for at least another two years), expect to see Hillary Clinton licking her chops in anticipation of a tug of war over that coveted wish bone! When you see Hillary abdicating her cabinet position (and that will happen before she serves a full four year committment), then you can be sure Obama has dropped a few points in public popularity poles, and she is digging in for another run for the nation's highest office.

So with all due respect to Governor Palin, you, if nothing else and at the very least, made the '08 Presidential run interesting, but beyond that, best thought which comes to mind at this moment, as a result of your resignation is this, 'thanks for the memories!'

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