Sunday, July 5, 2009

"Obama: Deceiver, cheat, swindler, liar, fraudster, con-artist."

Reading a headline with so much antagonism attached to it might mislead an unsuspecting reader, suggesting it was the product of some American extreme right wing conservative source. However, that assumption would be incorrect.

Reportedly, this is a headline which appeared in an editorial published by the official Russian news agency Pravda. Not exactly the red carpet welcoming treatment extended to this President on his previous visits to Europe. Surely, the love and adoration exhibited most recently by the French and citizens of other visited countries, haven't made much of an impression on our friends in the Kremlin.

There seems to be indications his counterparts are willing to peer around corners rather than look straight on, when thoughts go back to the good old days of the Cold War. On the surface, they do appear to be at least receptive to civil dialogue with Barack Obama, but at what price to this nation. Based on previous movements of this President, we in America have learned to 'hold our breath' when he makes foreign journeys because we never know 'which guy will show up.'

And with such a low public opinion amongst the Russian population, will it seem necessary for a narcissist such as Obama to attempt a "Stuart Smiley" approach, cause 'gosh darn it, people like me.' At least they did when he performed at previous European and Middle Eastern engagements. So in a process of getting his own personal numbers up in Russia, what price can we Americans back home expect to pay. Not necessarily in (worthless) dollars, but in prestige.

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