Friday, December 7, 2012

How about a Citizen's Proclamation delivered to this Administration--

     Could we please be afforded an opportunity to honor,  maybe just one of our sacred national  observances,                                                                                                                    without a member of  your administration bastardizing the memory of those who made the ultimate  sacrifice, so that you might be given yet another opportunity to sully revered events with addition of another individual freedom robbing Executive Order.

     Quite frankly Mister President, many Americans are quietly suggesting this seemingly countless issuance of edicts are beginning to convince them you might be victim of some sort of advanced arrogance....'thinking you're way more important than you really are.'

     Honestly, if Barack Obama and his so-called advisers in the West Wing, believed the United States Congress had an ounce of relevancy remaining, a constant barrage of Executive Orders would be unnecessary.  Its almost as if the man has set a goal for himself to surpass one of his predecessor idols, Franklin D. Roosevelt.  But to Obama's credit, he has not yet (special emphasis on this word 'yet') resurrected a private citizen's wealth grab similar to FDR's EO 6102, which "criminalized the possession of monetary gold by any individual, partnership, association or corporation."

     This President's latest example alludes to cyber-security...Congress did not act according to Obama's liking, therefore, in his mind, is is necessary to take Executive Order actions in the name of 'protecting American citizens.'   Leon Panetta,  Secretary of Defense, is dispatched to warn an otherwise uninformed public of how catastrophic even ONE such cyber-security breach could affect their continued survival....despite years of vulnerability, with known existence of these threats, and the United States operating without supposed necessary protective shields. 

     Therefore, we appeal to your sense of respect for the 'fallen' of this nation Mister President. 

     If you feel the need to get legislation passed by Congress and it reneges, go ahead, issue your Executive Orders without casting OUR dead heroes as characters in yet another of these embarrassing scripts,  delivered under the guise for national security.  In other words, Panetta's analogy could very well have compared the dire need of these drastic Executive Order measures to Watergate, or even Monicagate--two blemishes on our society, which stagnated our country's progress for years because our Congress was preoccupied with bringing down one party or the other.

      'The first executive order, issued by George Washington on June 8, 1789, instructed the heads of departments to make a “clear account” of matters in their departments.'*  Seems as though today's executive orders have less to do with clearing up government agencies and have placed more emphasis on prying into the lives of private American citizens.  

     Today's cyber-security measures aimed at avoiding top secret leaks, clear the way for some government agency to begin monitoring private e-mails and hanging out at social networking sites.  

     When Pearl Harbor was bombed 71 years ago today, our protective government  forces were asleep behind the wheel.  Let us not allow some of these same protectors to drive erratically through our personal lives, leaving us behind as hit and run victims of their individual liberty pillage.

     To those few remaining  surviving veterans of Pearl Harbor--thank's for your service and sacrifices.


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