Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Since we are on the subject of 'mass murder'....

....a few simple questions regarding a 'mass murder' trial, surpassing the Connecticut atrocity in total victims, and which may, or may not be concluded anytime within the next decade.
This slimy piece of filth is Army Major Nidal Hasan who, if you have forgotten, went on a killing rampage, at Fort Hood in Texas in 2009.  Gunning down
innocent, fellow human beings.
KILLING 13 and
WOUNDING 29 others, 
in what was described as
'the worst shooting ever to take place on an American military base'

     Through a series of pre-trial motions and, as some assume, manipulation of trial proceedings by sources inside and outside the U-S government, Nidal Hasan has managed to make a mockery of the military judicial system, and in the process, literally pissing on laws of this country and the graves of those he maliciously murdered!

     The latest military judge assigned to oversee proceedings in, what Nidal and his defense team has managed to transform into a kangaroo court, is  Colonel Tara Osborn.  According to the Associated Press, 'A military appeals court recently ousted the former judge and tossed his order requiring Hasan to be forcibly shaved before his trial.'

     In a ruling today, Judge Osborn informed Hasan he will be allowed to keep his beard during his military trial.  This asinine ruling cries out for an immediate answer to questions from everyone unwittingly and involuntarily involved in this Washington orchestrated charade.  Who the hell is pulling strings in this 'Three Stooges exhibition!'

...and one final question for the Washington script writers.  Considering Islamic Muslim men's attitude of superiority and dominance over women, will the female
be ordered to
wear a hijab in the presence of the accused!

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