Thursday, December 13, 2012

Major American Television Networks are laughing stock of 'World counterparts"

NBC-ABC-CBS-CNN-MSNBC-TV news network's biased reporting for, at least the past decade, should be sufficient evidence they are not qualified to meet requirements to hold a license for the purpose of serving the American people.

     Recent violence in Michigan by organized labor union supporters, virtually went unreported by these outlets, primarily due to their love affair with everything Liberal in this country.  So when this obviously conspicuous display of violence is highlighted on the British news service BBC,  our network news provider's objectivity, selectivity and hostile attitude should have American audiences outraged.  

     If you are like most victims of Liberal media, you resort to whatever means available to punish these arrogant hacks. Unfortunately, we are limited in our methods to administer discipline, but the most effective means is simple;  DO NOT WATCH their propaganda, and take advantage of every opportunity to let their sponsors know, you will not be purchasing their products as long as they continue to advertise on these programs.

     No secret was made of their blatant support of Barack Obama's bid to maintain his address at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  However, once they had accomplished that mission, it seemed only logical there would be a return to a less partisan approach to do the job they are licensed to do--reporting the news in a professional and unbiased fashion for all 316+ million Americans.  Note to TV-execs:  nearly 64 million alleged votes were cast for Barack Obama, sending him back to the White House.  But if you did not notice, almost 60 million voted for his challenger Mitt Romney, sending a clear message that a fairly equal number of Americans wanted to see change.

    As announced several years ago at this blog, traditional news sources in this country have a destiny with self-destruction. 

    Demise of these pretentious and smug SOB's, will not come soon enough for those who have an unyielding love for this country. 

      And if you have not noticed, the folks at FOX are aggressively battling to join these unwelcome losers!

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