Friday, October 23, 2009

Barack Obama sees worst poll rating drop in 50 years - Telegraph

Barack Obama sees worst poll rating drop in 50 years - Telegraph

Contrary to opinions of current crop of 'goons' surrounding President Barack Obama, I am one American with hopes to witness him 'succeed.'

Be successful Mister President at being, President of all people of America. We, after all, are supposedly united. It even says that on your official White House letterhead: "United States of America."

So, don't take every bit of criticism personally. We Americans DO want to see you succeed, but in the process of traveling down your yellow brick road on a personal mission to meet up with the Wizard, perhaps you might return to your roots and look at what was going on in this disarrayed country during your early childhood. You are living proof, that we as a people, have truly come a long way. So, whoever your handlers are in the White House (the people's house)--the ones advising you to constantly challenge those who disagree with your policies--please, disinfect yourself from these pests. They will only serve one purpose, and that is to bring you down. Visions of John Ehrlichman and H. R. Haldeman whispering in Nixon's ear suddenly flashed before my minds eye--and we all know how good that fun time worked out!

Last time I checked, you ARE President of the United States of America. No need to continue on that long, winding campaign road. YOU WON. So please stop campaigning. If your numbers continue to plunge as every new poll seems to suggest, you will be a one term President. So why not do the best you can in these four history making years and BE President. President of ALL American people.

You might be pleasantly surprised to see those poll number increase. And more importantly, if you start being President of ALL the people of this great country, rather than merely a team captain for those with a 'D' before their names, only you can determine how history will treat you.

Oh, and one more thought. No one says it is necessary to clasp a hand over your heart when patriotic events occur, but throughout history, hand gesture moments have become so memorable. And reminding you, some of those didn't work out to the advantage of the person advancing that salute. We all (Americans) think you are better than that!

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