Sunday, October 11, 2009

'3 Iranians sentenced to death'--Where is the Outrage?

The Iranian 'judicial system' apparently will conduct a public flogging of severest degree, with a ruling to sentence three dissidents to death. Their arrests were among reportedly thousands made following a fabricated Presidential election in that country.

These condemned Iranian citizens are guilty of nothing more than asking for justice, in a country held captive by a bunch of barbarian thugs and fake, self-proclaimed 'holy people.' Holy people, indeed! These are hypocrites of humanity--closely related cousins of similar arrogant pockets of elites dropped like portions of defecation, strategically around the globe. Every country on the face of this Earth have their own private mounds of related manure.

Where are those screeching voices of World preachers of peace? Those most vocal, when cameras are recording their humanitarian demonstrations...shedding tears and ranting about ongoing atrocities at places like Guantanomo Bay. '.....oh the inhumanity; prisoners forced to place under garments on their heads, the dreaded water board procedures and other practices, too horrible to warrant repeating.' (Needless to say, no one should be subjected to any form of physical or mental abuse when in custody and while under restraints of their human peers).

But these ugly reminders are necessary to highlight absurdities of those most vocal leaders of forces demanding an end to horrible atrocities. Some are to be commended, but should be reminded, don't continue to cherry pick those causes in areas where you know the battles will be easily won! (Namely, the United States of America). Heads were brutally hacked off by associates allegedly linked with some of these Gitmo detainees, but rather than condemn and demand world justice for memory of those victims, the publicity seekers choose to cozy up to the obvious unrepentant rulers. All this taking place, when meanwhile 'the holy men' are giving the world community a proverbial middle finger, with nods of approval for 'death to those who do not subject themselves' to centuries of lies and deceit.

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Iran 'sentences three to death'

On December 10, 2009, U-S President Barack Obama will appear in Oslo, Norway to receive this year's Nobel Peace Prize. We hope, in accepting this honor, his first gesture to a blind and ignorant world community, will be to condemn the 'snuggie-robed' devine dealers in death and other hypocrites alike in Iran, demanding true justice for those so wrongly damned to die...die so that men like Obama might be afforded a right to receive accolades of praise as a man of peace, for deeds yet to be performed!

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