Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tough guys, wearing panties!

When countries such as France begin criticizing United States diplomatic policies in places like Iran, it might be wise for this Administration to step back, look at the bigger picture, and regroup on a future 'course of action.'

Unfair as it may have been in the past, leaders in France have been portrayed by mostly 'late night American television hosts,' as being less than masculine in their approach to answering get-tough policies with rogue nations.

A recent article appearing in theFinancialTimes illustrates what might be interpreted as a new show of power from French official with comments such as these:

“Iran is looking for more time and a move which would give legitimacy to its programme. Imposing the freeze is absolutely essential.”

A US official acknowledged yesterday that the proposal was “not the solution to the ­Iranian nuclear programme”.

In Tehran, Iranian officials on Friday welcomed the outcome of the Geneva talks as “win-win”.

The semi-official Fars news agency insisted Iran had secured “the upper hand” in the talks

My take on this article; maybe comics cracking jokes about tough-guy leadership will be forced to rewrite future material, distinguishing between studs on campus sporting jockstraps and those now wearing panties!

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